Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Date Jitters...or Signs?

So, the other night my sister decides to set me up with the neighbors brother! Ok I don't usually let my sister pick any dates for me but I thought I wasn't doing anything so why not go out and have some fun.

The man picked me up in an older model car with the windows down! I know I did not just fix my hair, to let the wind tie knots into it! Seriously I have naturally curly hair and it is not friends with the wind!

Anyway, we get out of my long ass dusty dirt driveway and hit the road before he decides to turn on the air and roll up the windows. The man was fairly good looking and we had decent conversation, but he was very nervous and kind of shy. So we get to dinner about an hour away in an unfamiliar town and it went great. We left dinner and went over to the movie theatre. The only movie worth seeing didn't start for another hour so he decided to show me around his town.

Upon returning to the car after checking out the movie selection I notice there seemed to have been anti-freeze coming out of his radiator and pouring out onto the parking lot. Trying not to draw any negative conversations up about the car, I assume he realizes that his car leaks anti-freeze. Well you know what assumptions do right? Yes about a mile and a hour down the road strategically along side of a city park the car "stops", yes it over heated to the point of no return. We get out walk around the park in "100 degree" weather to see if the car will cool off enough to add coolant to it so we may continue on our "first date". At which time I said well I noticed your car was leaking something that appeared to be anti-freeze at the theatre, he looked puzzled. Why didn't you say something? "I don't know your car, your driving it not me and I just assumed you knew it was leaking, right?". Ok I did say that in a very concerned and compassionate way although it sounds kind of mean.

So the car cools down enough after a nice stroll through what seemed to be a runned down city park in BFE which looked like the perfect place for rapist to hang out all wooded and run down with fallen trees and broken payment around the waling track with pot holes big enough for my poor little dog to get lost in. Now keep in mind I'm trying to stay positive and not tear this man down in one breath (my sisters say I can do that to any man in a blink of an eye). The car busted a hose that needed replaced so we put water in it enough to get another two blocks down the road to his place of employment.

Now, he called one of his four older sisters to come take him to the parts store. So while waiting on him to return with this new hose that will fix the engine problem I glance down and notice the passenger front tire of his car is completely FLAT! ok now I'm getting a bit tired of this date which has turned out to be quite the adventure on a Saturday. He returns and fixes the hose and I politely point out that his tire is now flat. This poor poor man is so embarrassed and aggravated at this point he just keeps apologizing and I kept saying it's ok it's not as if you planned it this way. Right?

Ok hose fixed, tire fixed we continue down the road at which point he says "my car still isn't working properly if seems to be missing", at which point I say "didn't you put you plug wire back on that was off"? He says I would have if I had know it was off. I said "I assumed you had taken it loose so you could have room to put the hose back on"? So we stop at the nearest store and he puts the spark plug wire back on!

Now its four hours later with no movie and I'm wringing wet with sweat and not for the right reasons! We are finally on our way back to the house its nearly midnight and I'm completely exhausted from this date and ready for my bed and he says " you are going to go out with me again aren't you"? I said yes if we take my car next time. He was nice and handled the situation calmly and nervously and I felt bad for him! So keeping my fingers crossed the next date won't be a disastrous mess! lol :) I did stay calm and found it quite humorous. my sisters would be proud of me....lol

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  1. Poor guy...you got to see him on the most embarrassing night of his life. One bad date is ok, but be on the look out for "the pattern". The last thing any woman needs is a fixer-upper!!! LMAO